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From creating content for a client to generating ideas for marketing campaigns, find out what intern Katie has been up to over the last few weeks in her blog update!

My third week started off with a brief to create content for a new client. Although the brief was vague, it allowed me to get creative with branding. I designed the company’s colours and font based around their current social media pages and then pitched my ideas to the client. I am really enjoying being able to get creative and I have received a lot of positive feedback from the Social Butterfly Team which is very encouraging.

I was also asked to come up with some ideas for marketing campaigns. This is something I have never done before and so I had to conduct a lot of background research into what campaigns are and what makes them good or bad etc. Once I was educated on what made a good campaign, I had to get imaginative and think of ideas that suited and represented our client and their business. This was much harder than I anticipated however when I came together with Amy to brain storm it became much clearer how to create campaign ideas and listening to her ideas was really interesting.

Moving forward I have now been assigned a permanent role of managing the Bee creative and Spider Web content. It very reassuring to receive this much trust and responsibility so early on in my internship and I hope not to disappoint!

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