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Victoria’s Internship Update

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From SEO copywriting to mastering the art of photoshop, find out what intern Victoria has been up to over the last few weeks!

What a two weeks it has been!

Across the past two weeks I have done a lot of research and work that has aided me in grasping an understanding of the marketing world.

To start with, I first researched SEO copywriting and attempted to create my own pieces of SEO content. As an English Literature student, this way of writing was completely new to me and definitely a challenge too. Throughout my entire education writing has always been my strong point so it was exciting to try something new and start from the bottom again. I’m always open to a challenge and this exercise definitely helped me to gain new skills that will aid me further in my career.

One thing I found especially challenging was creating pictures to complement the content I have written. As a self-proclaimed ‘technophobe’ and someone who has never even touched Photoshop, it’s safe to say this task was waaaay out my comfort zone. However, after a little guidance from Amy and YouTube tutorials, I found myself coming to grips with the programme. Whilst I am still far from being a tech-guru, I feel more confident in my Photoshop and Canva skills and again, it was great to have a go at something different to my usual writing.

So far, I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and am excited to learn even more!

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