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SEO And How It Can Grow Your Business!

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seo and how it can grow your business

Want to broaden the outreach of your business and solidify a strong online presence that will appeal to your target audience? Want to rank highly on search engines like Google? Then SEO may be the perfect remedy you’ve been looking for!

A specialised form of copywriting, SEO is a way in which you can modify your content to appeal to search engines so that they can recommend your content to your target audience. So, how exactly does this work?


Well, the main element of SEO that will help your company rank in search engines is the use of keywords. Keywords are specially picked words or phrases that correlate to your content and that will return your website when searched for in a search engine. So how exactly can you choose these keywords and implement them effectively?


Ubersuggest is a free online service created by Neil Patel that will generate keywords from words you enter. It also tells you how competitive these keywords are and how difficult or easy it will be to rank in search engines using these keywords.  

Long tail or short tail?

Another thing to consider when using SEO is whether to use long tail or short tail keywords. Long tail keywords will prove more successful when the consumer knows exactly what they are searching for. An example of a long tail keyword would be ‘long black dress’, whereas a short tail keyword would simply be ‘dress’.

Short tail keywords are useful as they are broader consequently appealing to a wider audience, however due to the competitive nature of these words it can often prove more difficult to rank.

It is important to know the exact market you are attempting to penetrate, such as the age range of your target audience when making the decision between using long tail or short tail keywords.

Quality of content

Alongside keywords, Google also evaluates the quality and freshness of the content you are providing. Therefore, it is not just enough to include keywords: the content itself has to be refreshing and engaging for the target audience in order for it to rank on search engine results.

In short, a successful piece of SEO copywriting must do two things:

  1. Be relevant, enjoyable and engaging to the target audience.
  2. Be written so that Google can understand the aims of the content and its prospective target audience, utilising keywords effectively.

If you require any support with SEO or copywriting, get in touch with our team today on [email protected]

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