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5 Benefits of Having a Well-Designed Website!

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5 benefits of having a well-designed website

It’s all well and good having a basic website but have you ever stopped to ask yourself – just how impressive is my website design? It is a good idea to update your company’s website every 5-10 years, or if not more frequently, as we move even deeper into a digital age. Need any more convincing?

Here’s 5 benefits of having a well-designed website:

Gives you an online platform:

In this digital age, it is essential to be online. Many consumers will research a product or a company before engaging with it. Therefore, without a basic online presence, you are blocking yourself off from a huge marketplace and consequently, losing potential consumers.

Increases your visibility:

Google will rank websites with high quality content higher in search results. Quality content must be matched with quality design. Alongside rankings, having an attractive website will make consumers more likely to recommend your company to other potential consumers.

Provides consumers with information:

How exactly would a consumer be able to use your services if they can’t find any online information or contact details? The days of the phone book are gone! Having a well-designed website that highlights your contact details and information about your company will ultimately persuade more customers to get in contact and inevitably boost sales.

Increases reliability:

A well-designed website with a professional look makes consumers more likely to take you and your business seriously when considering using your services.

Don’t believe us? According to a survey conducted by Business 2 Company, 94% of participants stated that web design is the main element that causes them to trust or mistrust a company.

That says it all- a well thought-out, impressive design of your website will definitely aid your company in advertising its services.

Works in tandem with social media:

And finally, a well-designed web page can only be matched with well-designed, insightful social media platforms. To increase your visibility across all areas of online and digital marketing, providing links to and from social media and your company website, only further increases your company’s reliability and traffic; meaning your business will reach a whole new market-place.

Watch out for our next blog to find out why social media is essential for your business.


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