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How Blogging Can Help You Tell Your Story

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From independent bloggers to brands employing blogs as part of their digital marketing strategy, the popular communication tool has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Regardless of the reason for starting a blog, it’s a well-known fact that they can help communicate a story.  Whether you are a small brand wanting to raise awareness, or a larger brand wanting to increase retention, blogging provides numerous opportunities to do so.

With the rise of digital marketing techniques, it is now easier than ever to get your blog seen by those that are not yet a consumer.

Here at the Social Butterfly, we’ve put together our top three ways that blogging can help you tell your story.

1. Attracts and Engages Consumers

Publishing blog posts on the internet for them then to promoted on social media will enable you to attract an audience who are keen to find out more about what you do and the services you offer.  Upon reading a blog, many readers are likely to want to find out more, should the post entice them.  This typically sees those reading access a higher number of your website pages and often sees them becoming a loyal follower and frequent visitor.  However, your content must continuously engage the reader’s attention and provide them with information that they want and need.

2. Increases SEO Awareness

As you publish blogs to tell your story and include selected keywords, your SEO efforts will attract a larger audience.  Employing both short tail and long tail keywords as part of your copy, will provide your blog post with the ability to be seen by those that were not necessarily looking for you post.  However, upon discovering your post in their Google search, they are likely to convert if your title and meta description is deemed promising.

3. Aids Conversions

Following on from our above points, blogging can help aid the rise of conversions seen to websites.  Whether it’s from a Google search, social media or email marketing, conversions provide brands with increasing numbers of readers.  As a result, this offers an incline in the number of website views and reoccurring readers.

Do you own a business?  Want to start telling your story via a blog?  Unsure of where to start?  Out Butterfly and Cocoon packages both include blogging services.

To find out more contact us today by emailing our team [email protected]!

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