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Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Digital Audits

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digital audits

Whilst you may believe that your brands current digital strategies are generating conversions and fulfilling business goals and objectives, it is imperative to conduct regular digital audits.  Typically conducted every three to six months, audits ensure brands have the ability to track their digital performance and understand how strategies could improve.

Regardless of whether you’re an upcoming brand or already established in the industry, here are our top five reasons to conduct digital audits.

1. Provides brands with insight into which channels are converting consumers

Analysing your digital marketing strategies as part of your digital audit will highlight the channels that currently offer your brand the highest (and lowest) percentage of conversions.

For example, you may find that although your social pages have an increasing amount of monthly likes and interactions, it may in face be organic search that provides your website with the highest number of monthly conversions. Likewise, you may notice that the majority of revenue comes from your Instagram account, therefore, conducting an audit would enable you to revise your digital strategy to ensure that your brand has a strong Instagram presence, as opposed to focusing on LinkedIn, for example.

2. Allows brands to track performance of digital strategies utilising key performance indicators

Conducting a digital audit will not only provide insight into those all-important and crucial key performance indicators (KPI’s) including bounce rate, pages per session, session length, number of website users and revenue, but they also indicate consumer behaviour and how people are interacting with your website and social media accounts.

Whilst these KPI’s mainly assess website performance, investigating behaviour metrics on social media will afford insight into how your social media pages are performing.  Failure to track performance through the use of KPI’s often sees brands with a higher bounce rate and a decrease in the statistics mentioned above, due to a lack of understanding of consumer behaviour.  Furthermore, brands that do not complete audits are more likely to fail to understand their consumer wants and needs, and consequently will lose consumers to competitors.

3. Highlights any weaknesses within digital strategies

Completing audits is not always about understanding how well a brand is performing or the results attained.  Digital audits have the ability to determine weaknesses within current strategies.

For example, a high bounce rate will indicate that consumers are not satisfied with the content offered to them upon converting from a social media account to the brand website.  Additionally, a low session length will determine that consumers are not spending an extended period of time browsing the website.  As a result, they are unlikely to be completing any call-to-actions.

Considering your brands weaknesses will provide an understanding of why the weaknesses exist and what can be done to improve and abolish them.


4. Determines which goals are being fulfilled 

Upon producing your digital marketing strategy, you will have most likely set yourself numerous goals that you wish to fulfil in a set time frame.  However, without conducting digital audits, you will be unable to track your brands performance.  As a result, you will remain unsure as to whether your brands is succeeding.

For example, if your digital marketing strategy spans over a period of six months, conducting a digital audit every three months will provide an understanding into whether your goals are being accomplished.  You may also find that in a three-month period you have achieved the desired result for the six-month period and, as a result, you will find it necessary to revise your goals.

Similarly, conducting an audit may determine that you are not track to satisfy one of your business goals. As a result, the conducted audit will provide awareness into why this may be and how you can improve your marketing efforts.

5. Provides recommendations for the future

As highlighted throughout this article, digital marketing audits will afford your brand with the ability to determine the success and weaknesses of your digital channels and measure these against your overall business goals.  Monitoring KPI’s and determining whether goals are fulfilled will offer recommendations for future strategies based on what you have already done.

For example, if your digital audit highlights a lack of followers, engagements and conversions from your Facebook account to your website, you will have the ability to devise new social strategies to improve this.

Here at the Social Butterfly we understand that not everyone has the time or ability to conduct digital audits and that’s where we step in!  All of our current packages offer digital audits to help your brand succeed!  To find out more contact us today by emailing our team [email protected]!


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