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Marketing Communications; How To Talk To Your Consumer

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The evolution of digital marketing and social media platforms has increased the number of marketing communication methods available for brands and businesses to communicate who they are and what they can do for their consumer.

Typically split into three types of communication methods, marketing communications include one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to many.  Each provide brands and businesses with the ability to target their chosen consumer in their preferred way, with the help of behaviour data.

You may find yourself asking “how do I decide which is right for my brand and employ it?”.  Well, you are in luck!  We’ve explained the three communication methods and provided examples below.


One-to-one marketing communications enables brands and businesses to target consumers on a personal level. Commonly including offering personalised content via email, research shows that consumers often prefer one-to-one marketing.  In addition, they consumers are more willing to provide their personal information if they know they will receive personalised content.

However, it should be noted that one-to-one marketing communications often comes later in the decision making funnel.  For brands to be able to communicate with consumers on this level, they will have typically retained the consumer.

If your brand is looking to retain customers and build a loyal consumer base, one-to-one marketing communications should be employed.  Remember to keep any one-to-one content and communications personalised and relevant to each specific consumers as 9 times out of 10 they will know otherwise!


In contrast to one-to-one communications, one-to-many methods are not personalised.  This particular communication method allows brands to communicate with a number of consumers on a variety of digital platforms.    Brands typically employ this form of communication through the use of social media, presenting the ability to publish multiple posts that have the potential to appeal to their followers.  These posts will then create initiatives for each individual to interact or complete a call-to-action.  In addition, the rise of bloggers dominating the internet has too ensured a higher level of one-to-many communication outlets for brands.  Taking advantage of the opportunity to reach a wider audience, many brands now employ bloggers to promote their products, content or similar to their ever increasing number of followers.  Whilst this does not necessarily guarantee a rise in followers for a brand, it has proven to be successful.

As a result of one-to-many communication methods, brands see a greater level of website conversions.  In addition, they have a greater chance of acquiring and retaining customers.

If your business has hopes of generating conversations with consumers, one-to-many communications is for you.


Many-to-many communication methods are more recently established and provide groups of people with the ability to communicate with like-minded people.  Typically used as a form of word-of-mouth advertising, this communication technique presents consumers with the option to contribute to conversations being held across digital platforms.

Although many-to-many may not offer brands the aptitude to start conversations or personally talk to consumers, it does aid the capability to build an extensive consumer base or even a fan club.

If you are still unsure of which communication method is best, contact us today to discover how we can help.  From digital audits to content creation our team can assist your communication with your target consumer! To find out more contact us today by emailing our team [email protected]!

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