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Website Design, Client Meetings and Even Some Brunch – Day 3!

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Day 3...

Day 3…

We started the day off with a meeting at Accent Creative, who specialise in website design. We met with a Client to develop and tweak their website based on their feedback and concerns, while ensuring that it remains on brand and user friendly. I found this really interesting as it gave me an insight into how websites are created and how easily they can be adapted, added to and changed.

There are many different options to choose from when designing a website, such as layout, design, headers and drop-down options. This made me realise how many decisions a company needs to make when setting up a company website. From listening to the client I noticed that every decision he made was based on his consumers, how they would react and what would be most beneficial for them in terms of usability and ease.

Next, we stopped for a quick brunch to gather our thoughts and fill our stomachs before our next meeting. This gave me the chance to ask Amy about how The Social Butterfly started and how she created the concept behind her brand. It was really inspiring to see the difference from where Amy began her journey to how successful The Social Butterfly is now and the direction the company is moving in.

We ended the day with a meeting at The Lazy Frog in Uplands…

Walking into the calm and relaxing atmosphere of The Lazy Frog was the perfect way to end the day. It was interesting to learn about the treatments they offer and both the mental and physical benefits that can be gained through floatation. This meeting was set up to run through an Audit that had been conducted about the company’s digital presence. This is the first stage of the marketing process and so it was interesting to see how this was executed and learn about what an audit consists on. It was exciting to hear the suggestions The Social Butterfly team have proposed for The Lazy Frog and imagine where these ideas could take the company in the future.

Many of the suggestions were small adjustments that the company could make, but I realised the impact that these could have on the business and this has encouraged my interest in marketing even future as it shows how small changes can make a big impact.

Look out tomorrow for the final instalment of my Social Butterfly journey.


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