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Day 2 at the Natwest Leadership Course!

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Day-with-natwest-leadership- course

Day 2…

So today I travelled to Cardiff to attend a leadership course hosted by the Natwest accelerator team.

It gave me a great opportunity to talk to people with various different business concepts; from knitting courses to software design. This gave an insight into how any idea can be made into a business if someone has the right drive and determination.

One of the things I will take away from the day will be… 

My conversation with a branding agency as this is a field I would like to explore. They gave me advice on how to enter the industry and be successful by practicing on design software and building up a portfolio of my work.

It also helped me to reflect on my personality traits and how I need to adapt to become an effective leader. It involved group work and discussions which was really interesting as it allowed me to learn from other people’s ideas and opinions on what good leaderships entails.

Keep your eyes peeled for my third instalment with The Social Butterly Marketing, coming very soon…


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