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Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready For 2019?

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2019 will be here before we know it! Each year, new marketing trends come in, shaking up the industry. However, if you are interested in marketing, like us, you will already have the downlow on how marketing will change in the New Year!

Don’t worry if marketing isn’t your bread and butter, and you’re out of the loop when considering the up and coming. However, it is important that you take notice of these trends and implement them into your marketing strategy to remain competitive.

Read on to find out how marketing will change this upcoming year! Make sure you take notes and include these into your marketing strategy to keep ahead!

Ways your marketing strategy will need to change in 2019


Vide will be one of the most engaging forms of content in marketing. More and more people are craving visuals which connect with them through entertainment online. This is going to be a biggie in order to reach large audiences and boost engagement levels on heavily saturated social media platforms.

We say get to grips with video now using platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram stories, making sure you feel comfortable to create your own long-term.

When creating your own video, ensure you include subtitles! User behaviour has adapted where most audiences watch on the go. Therefore, subtitles will grab their attention greater and make them stop on your video as they scroll.

New technologies

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard how new technologies such as artificial intelligence will change industries, and in fact it will also change marketing. From analysing data greater, to boosting customer service efforts, AI will change the way you engage with your customers by bringing automation into the mix. Be sure to gain greater knowledge of AI as without it, you will fall behind your competition.


Gone are the days where popular social media influencers take over your marketing budget. As audiences crave more realistic connections, micro-influencers will be on the rise. This is a great marketing strategy to implement to gain greater engagement and relatability with your audience.

They add value to your marketing through their targeted audiences, consistent reach stats and their authenticity. To find out more about micro-influencers, and how they will take over marketing on platforms such as Instagram in 2019, click here.

Customer generated content

Following on from micro-influencers, customer generated content will also take up some of your content within your marketing strategy in 2019. Audiences are beginning to divert from those picture-perfect posts which have been significantly edited, and instead crave honest, authentic content.

If utilised, this will help to boost your recommendations, ultimately leading to more click-throughs and purchases.

Social media will take over the whole buying process

Now we have been discussing this a lot recently – how the buying process have significantly adapted based on social media usage. The more time people are spending on platforms such as Instagram, the more they are using it as a search tool for purchases. We live in a world where recommendations on Facebook, tags on Instagram and opinions on Twitter are driving the purchasing world.

Along with this, post-purchase support is being significantly used across social platforms, bringing a 360-purchasing experience online.

This is set to develop further therefore it is important that you are utilising all social media functions within your marketing to grow your visibility and service.

If you feel like you’re behind for 2019 and need some support to bring your marketing into the digital area, contact our friendly team today on [email protected]

We can support you from social media management, to website development and utilising the latest technologies! Get in touch today to enhance your marketing this New Year!


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