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Creating Your Own On Brand Digital Content!

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Now we are pretty sure you’ve heard that content is king right? Are you sat wondering why marketers rave about creating on brand content to boost your marketing efforts and online engagement?

You probably already do some of this without realising – social media posts? Online advertising? Business blogs? If this is the case, you are already one step ahead! However, do you understand the importance of creating your own content, rather than resharing existing information?

If the world of content is new to you, do not worry as this blog breaks down why on brand content is important, and the type of content you should be creating!

Why creating your own on brand digital content is important?

As we know, everything has changed since the online world entered our lives and will continue to far into the future. With that said, we see traditional forms of marketing dwindle.

One of the most populated online strategies is now creating your own on brand content. This is down to the level of credibility that comes with it, along with its ability to engage existing and new audiences. People want to read and understand your offering and will view you as a key competitor if you create your own, rather than resharing another creatives work.

Additionally, online content can boost other areas of your online business including click-throughs to your web pages, enquiries and purchases.

Imagine you are an estate agent focusing on helping first time buyers…. Along with sharing your properties, creating your own blogs focusing on suitable topics such as ‘how to buy your first home’ or ‘steps to take before finding your ideal home’ will inform your audience, by also showing them you know what you’re talking about. This can work for any industry!

There are many forms of content you can create – from social media updates and blogs to online videos and imagery. The key here is to make sure that your content is linked to your brand and what you stand for.

The power of online platforms, such as social media can send your content viral, therefore it is important to create content that’s relatable to your target audience and your offering to form greater connections. This is where you’ll see results and boost your visibility and attraction!

The type of on brand content you need


Now video has become a massive trend in 2018 and will continue to as user behaviours change. As we are constantly on the go, audiences engage with video greater – however you need to ensure that subtitles are available to keep a viewer’s attention!

There are also further tools which can help you with video content, including Instagram live, Facebook live and Snapchat!


Business blogs is a further avenue to take when considering on brand content. This is where you can really put your own stamp on things and inform your audience of your offering. You are the expert of your company, this is your time to show it and gain credibility!

Along with boosting your SEO ranking and reach, building a blog content calendar is an effective strategy to merge into your main marketing strategy. This can help with your web developments and social media updates!

If you’re wondering why blogs are important and a great way to engage your audience, click here.

Website content

Your website is one of the main areas your audience will go to. This is where they will find your business-related details. Your website can make or break your reputation in the market, therefore it is recommended to invest time into your website content and ensure that it reflects who you are as a brand.

Your website can make or break you as audiences now place great weightage on the quality of your online content, with the accessibility and advancements of technology. Therefore, you need to ensure that your web pages, along with content sat on your website are of high quality and on brand!

Social media content calendars

This is one of the most populated forms of content creation, and that is because social media is the most favoured online platform used globally! Whichever platform you select, creating a strong on brand content calendar is important.

Not only will this keep you organised, it will ensure that you are focusing on your key areas of business, along with connecting suitably with your targeted audience.

You need to make sure that your content reflects your brand tone of voice, along with getting your message and personality across. People will connect with this first over your product/service.


Along with video, images are a biggie across online platforms. They engage your audience and stop them scrolling through search engines and social media news feeds.

When posting images, it is important that they are high quality, your own, are licenced for reuse if obtained online and are on brand.

For example, if you are a restaurant, posting images from another local restaurant/bar will have little value and will probably damage your online reputation. Additionally, this strategy will affect your audiences’ expectations and will be classified as misleading content. Therefore, it is important that you select your own on brand images!

If you are using the likes of Instagram, it is important that your images are high quality and follow your content theme!

Along with circulating your own content, repositioning content shared by your audience is becoming a trend for 2019. We recommend including this in your new year content calendar to increase your online engagement levels.

If you are looking for ideas on content creation, or need a helping hand to create your own on brand content, contact our team today on 01792 448 580 / [email protected]

We work with content on a daily basis!


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