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How to Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage!

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Benefit from Instagram stories

Instagram, one of the most popular and favoured social media platforms worldwide. And not just for personal use…

More and more businesses are understanding the impact having an Instagram business account can have on their reach and engagement potential, by making it a serious contender in their marketing strategies – If you’re a little behind the trend, read one of our previous blogs focusing on its benefits here.

Now usually blogs praising Instagram will focus on the use of hashtags, content themes and influencer marketing tactics, however, today we are looking at using Instagram stories to your advantage. If you’re yet to immerse yourself in this area or have posted a few but feel unsure how to use them effectively, don’t panic as here are some top tips on how to use the tool effectively….

Why Instagram stories?

With experts believing that stories will be the future of social media marketing, now is the time to get ahead and fully integrate them into your communications and marketing strategies.

As we all know, a change in Instagram algorithms have made reaching your target audience a little harder. That’s where using Instagram stories can help you out. Users are much more likely to see your story pop up than your individual post on their newsfeed, therefore we highly recommend diving into Instagram stories today! If used correctly and consistently, you can build strong engagement and reach people outside of your current following.

How to use Instagram stories?

Showcase behind the scenes through Instagram stories

One way many brands get ahead online is through showcasing behind the scenes of their day to day through stories. Social media users like to connect with brands and understand what’s behind all the shiny, perfectly edited images.

This is an easy yet effective way to create a personable level of engagement with your followers, by also increasing your brand image and employer brand offering.

For example – Show what’s going on in your office today – from team meetings to lunch dates. Give people an insight of what type of company you are.

Repost your audiences’ content

A further strategy which will help boost your engagement is reposting customer reviews and content shared by your audience over your stories. Although recommendations and reviews are a massive part of the buying behaviour, not all consumers will go to your website to read reviews. This is where sharing across your Instagram stories will help. You are bringing your customer experience to your audience subconsciously.

Along with this, giving individual shout outs to your followers will go down well with them and attract further support.

Complete market research

Along with sharing your content, you can also undertake market research by engaging with your followers. It is now a popular strategy on Instagram stories to ask questions and create polls for your followers to interact with. This is a great way to understand their needs while helping plan future content.

Consumers love to know that you appreciate their opinion and will take them into consideration. Additionally, people are much more likely to interact with your stories than they are to comment on your posts or complete questionnaires, therefore it is recommended to ask business related questions on your Instagram stories today.

Share the latest news

Along with reminding your audience of your latest post (helping to beat the algorithm), utilising Instagram stories by sharing your latest news is a great way to boost your visibility. The benefit of Instagram stories is their live feature; therefore, you can remain current by sharing real time business news.

Show processes/tutorials

A further great way to utilise Instagram stories is showcasing your processes. This could be anything from how you cook your meals in your restaurant, the best way to use your products or help your consumers build room layouts and interiors through your homeware brand. You can be as creative as you like, as long as it’s on brand and doesn’t give away your key secrets!

This is a great way to boost engagement and get your audience interested in your brand, while giving them some hints and tips!

Video and engaging content is the future, therefore now is the time to get your head around Instagram stories! There will be a lot of trial and testing, however once you’ve understood how your following use Instagram, you’ll be well ahead of your competitors.

If you’re looking for support with how to use Instagram stories or some creative concepts, get in touch with our team today on 01792 448 580 / [email protected]


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