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Why complete monthly social media reviews?

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We all know how important social media is for your business (well I hope we do – if not check out one of our previous blogs here on its effect). It’s impact on the way business has transformed is significant.

For many tech-savvy businesses, social media is a key marketing strategy. With that said, wouldn’t completing monthly reviews of your efforts, followed by creating a strategic plan taking your results into consideration be sensible? Although common sense to some, not all companies complete regular social media reviews. They continue to post monotonous content which is failing to reach or engage anyone, never mind their target audience.

Their efforts then reduce, which has a negative effect on their brand visibility and image, ultimately damaging their marketing strategy. Whether this sounds like your current situation, or you’re aiming to avoid this occurrence, monthly social media reviews can support you!

Most companies complete regular performance reviews for their employees, however fail to review one of the most valuable tools to get their name out there. Here at TSBM, we complete monthly reviews for each one of our clients to ensure we are getting the most out of their marketing.

Here’s why you should complete monthly social media reviews too:

Improve your ranking

The rankings of your social media profiles across search engines are very important to extend your reach capabilities. By reviewing the suitability of your content, taking keywords and the quality of backlinks into consideration, you can assess how well ranked your profiles are. If your ranking is low, this is a clear indication that the SEO of your content needs to be adapted.

Small regular changes to your SEO will ensure that you’re getting in front of the right audience!

Identify your target audience further through social media reviews

Now you may think you understand who your target audience is, their online behaviours and what attracts them. Well without completing regular social media reviews you will be well off the mark.

Social media constantly changes, as do customer online habits. If you keep track of your analytics, you’ll identify the best time to post to attract your audience, the most appropriate themes to post about and what it takes to engage with them!

For example, social media usage changes throughout the year. You will find that online usage increases around occasions, therefore it would be ideal to adapt your social media content calendar to fit this.

This will help you get the most out of your social media efforts, rather than reducing the visibility and quality of your brand.

Improve your brand image

By gaining a better understanding of what works for your audience, you will have the ability to refine your brand image. Once you have grasped the type of content you need to circulate to engage your audience, you’ll have opportunity to create a clear, relevant content calendar.

Without completing a social media review, you will have little knowledge of what works for you and may result in posting hours of low-quality, unrelatable content. This can negatively affect your online reputation; therefore, we recommend avoiding this and spending time creating valuable content calendars from your findings.

Boost your efforts

Every single business with an online presence wants to get the most out of its social media accounts. By assessing what works, what doesn’t and what could be adapted, you can make changes moving forward which will boost your efforts.

If you’re looking to remain competitive and current, completing monthly social media reviews is essential. You would be silly not to!

Viewing your online analytics is pretty simple. All of the main social media platforms offer regular insights for your business pages, free of charge. However, if you are struggling with understanding analytics and would like some support, contact our team today on 01792 448 580 / [email protected]

We pride ourselves on the support we provide to our clients, ensuring that we are getting the most out of their social media activity. We will continue to offer monthly social media reviews within our packages. Therefore, if you would like to benefit from this feature, consider our marketing services today!

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