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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn for Business!

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LinkedIn, one of the most underestimated social platforms! Do you currently use LinkedIn for business purposes?

Many people believe that it is only suitable for B2B engagement, however they are wrong. Using LinkedIn for any business has many attached benefits. Not to mention that every single person out there could be a future customer, business associate or peer.

You may have used LinkedIn a little already, dipping in and out as you receive a notification. But of course, no one will see benefits from using something part-time. If you’re looking to grow a further online hub and receive the benefits of using LinkedIn, we recommend investing a bit more time by incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Just like you do with other platforms such as Facebook.

Here’s how to get the most out of LinkedIn today…


LinkedIn is all about networking. Connecting with former peers, work associates, local businesses and secondary networks. Now those in your current network may not be direct, instant customers, however, by building online relationships with other business owners and professionals, focusing specifically on your target market, you will grow your business opportunities.

Relationships take time to grow, and you may not experience instant benefits. However long-term, refining a local, relevant network through LinkedIn will result in more recommendations, custom and support.

You also never know when you’re looking for a new team member. You may currently be a one-man band with the aspirations to grow by working with both a freelance and/or inhouse team. Just to show you how this can work in your favour, most of our team here at TSBM met and have worked together virtually since connecting over LinkedIn! You could be one post away from attracting top talent!

Circulate content over LinkedIn

Alongside circulating content over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn offers a further platform for you to share on brand, credible content. Mixing a variety of content themes including your own personal blog, links to your website, behind the scenes of your culture (remember every company has a culture even if you are working alone), our work/service, industry news, and a dash of sales posts, you’ll attract a wide, valuable audience.

Again, this won’t work overnight and is a larger marketing strategy to focus on. However, by investing some time into LinkedIn and your content creation, you can grow your business potential and reach.

If you are struggling to create unique content, keep your eyes peeled for our blog coming soon focusing on how to generate your own! If you already know that marketing isn’t your bag and would like some support with LinkedIn, read here how outsourcing may be your best option.

Find and generate leads

By networking and posting regular content, along with boosting your weekly activity, LinkedIn will aid you in finding and generating business leads. LinkedIn is used by many for requesting recommendations for service/products. If you are viewed as a credible industry leader and have a strong supportive network, we are pretty sure you will be tagged in many comments. There’s potential for this to go viral and reach a global audience.

Additionally, it is amazing how many people will come to you by viewing your capabilities. If you showcase who you are as a brand, it is highly likely that you will receive direct leads if viewed as relatable to your target market.


Along with helping to boost your bottom line and custom, LinkedIn can act as a motivator. If you work alone or maybe you’re a start-up, connecting with industry experts and peers will motivate you through those tough times.

Even if you are a larger company, LinkedIn is a great place to ask for industry advice, share your goals and use the story of successful brands as motivation for future goals.

Keep up to date

The final benefit of using LinkedIn for a beginner is its ability to keep you in the know. If you do follow industry leaders, you will keep in the know of any relevant events, new industry tools/news, populated content and any possible future employees/associates. All from one simple app!

Now we do not recommend that you spend all of your time scrolling through LinkedIn, just like we wouldn’t for any other social platform. However, we do recommend starting your LinkedIn business journey through the above beginner steps. This will help to grow many areas of your business long-term, through a cumulative high value strategy.

If you are setting up your profile, here’s a breakdown of how to complete this with ease.

If you are looking for further marketing support, contact our team today on 01792 448 580 / [email protected]

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog coming soon focusing on social media reviews!

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