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Building a Consistent Online Image

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build a consitent online brand image

Marketing channels, online trends and technology may come and go over time; however, the importance of a strong consistent online image remains and will continue to.

People now make opinions based on your image, both bad and good, which ultimately affects their likelihood of association. After all, who wants to follow, engage with and purchase from a brand who represents differing values and messages?
That being the exact reason why you need a strong brand image that oozes who you are as a company, along with ensuring it is circulated consistently across online platforms.

So, whether you’re a brand-new start-up or a company looking for a little guidance for a rebrand, here is why you need a consistent online image, and how to build one…

Why do you need a consistent online image?

Nowadays, people connect with brands, and this is down to their image. This connection will continue if the image is endured, which will boost your likelihood of customer loyalty. As difficult as it may be to swallow, most people return based on your whole brand offering, and not for your primary product/service.

Of course, if someone loves your food for example, their taste buds will draw them back. However, if you begin to promote an inconsistent image, through your service, online content and values, taste buds will lose the battle as other factors lead the decision.

As buying behaviours change with the emergence of ecommerce and social media platforms, the need to remain consistent across all customer touchpoints is a must. This will boost your visibility while providing your business with a unique footprint which can be recognised by your audience easy. Done consistently, this will help build you a strong image in the marketplace….

And remember, the market is highly competitive, especially with viral online platforms present. Therefore, ensuring you stand out by being authentic to your brand is a necessity for a successful future.

How to build a consistent online image?

Now we’ve gauged why it’s important to maintain a strong consistent online image, here is how to build one:

Get to know who you are

Firstly, before you can move forward you need to understand who you are as a company – What makes you different? What are your values? What personality do you want to hold?

This is a very important part of the process as you need to be clear on who you want to be, and what you want to be known for, as you can’t continuously make new images.

From this, you will start to build a persona for your brand which will then be known as your image. This will influence the type of custom you attract – therefore you need to make sure that your above ideas connect with your ideal target audience.

Choose a theme

Once you have a full understanding of who you are, and who you want to attract, you need to decide on your key themes to run alongside what you do. This theme should be present across every single customer touchpoint – your website, ecommerce store, social media platforms, email marketing, radio adverts, and even your service. This list could go on, but you get the idea.

These themes can be anything from the way you present yourself, the words you use, the tone of voice and attitude you have and the topics you share and support.

The key here is to remain appropriate for who you are and try not to divert off and copy what your competitors are doing.

Keep it consistent

When you have executed the above, you now need to make sure it remains consistent. You need to ensure that you continue to share those same themes and stick to your brand personality. This is where you will make those connections with your audience, with the hope to convert into loyal customers.

Although it will take time, by ensuring you’re showcasing your image across all online platforms consistently, you’re growing that connection which will lead to greater levels of attraction, and ultimately loyalty!

Showcase content that links the above together

One key strategy you can implement which will help to keep a consistent link is showcasing your own content that speaks to your audience. By creating your own, you know that you’re including your personality and key themes, without the possibility of going off-piste.

Food for thought: Now think back to a product that you repeat purchase, from the exact brand? Now you love the product, so you’ll continue to be drawn to it. However, imagine you start to see an inconsistent message being shared across your favourite brands social accounts? They are rude to their customers, or even worse don’t reply. They start to drop their content quality and support inappropriate themes. They begin to represent values which don’t sit well with you.

Would you now continue to purchase that same product? Now I’m pretty sure most of you will say no, as this is very off-putting. And that is exactly why you need to ensure consistency is key with your online image!

If you’re looking for support in this area, feel free to contact our team today to find out further information – 01792 448 580 / [email protected]

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