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Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Activity

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Do you have your own business? If so, I’m pretty sure you juggle a large number of daily activities, right? – Ultimately, you’re the face behind and the key person managing your customer service, marketing activity, finances, HR and many more day-to-day business needs.

It gets tough trying to excel and keep on top of the latest trends in each area, and before you know it, your service levels drop, and your admin pile takes over your whole dining room table. We know the exact feeling, and that is why we came up with The Social Butterfly Marketing – to support business owners just like you with your marketing activity, while you focus on other important areas.

Now you may love creating and managing your marketing activity, and if that is the case, outsourcing your customer service or HR activity may be best if an overwhelming feeling is present. However, if you fail to come up with on brand, creative concepts that utilise the latest industry trends, and you feel like your failing to attract your audience through your efforts, maybe now is the time to outsource.

If that sounds like you, read on to find out how outsourcing your marketing activity can benefit your business today….

Give yourself a little more time

One of the key benefits which I’m sure most business owners would love is the amount of extra time and effort you will receive to focus on further important business areas. Looking after your marketing activity is a job in itself and takes a lot of time to research, create, execute and analyse content, that’s all on brand.

Imagine what you could spend those few extra hours a day/week on?! By selecting a reliable company to outsource to, you’ll continue to have involvement, yet reap the benefits of a marketing partner.

An expert for your very own marketing activity

Visualise having your very own marketing account manager, who purely focuses on your business’s activity – Creating content suitable for your industry that shares your story, while working towards a unique set of goals.

Even better, imagine having your very own account manager who is a marketing expert with qualifications and experience to reflect this. Think how this could benefit your business?

If you have little marketing experience yourself, passing over your activity to an on looker will provide a fresh view of how to refine your strategy.
Find out more about our team here.

Remain competitive

A further benefit of outsourcing your marketing is you’ll have greater opportunity to remain competitive as your expert keeps on top of the latest industry trends. After all, this is what they live and breathe. They have a great understanding of the latest platforms and technologies to give your activity a face lift.

Additionally, as time goes by, they will continue to utilise any new developments and ensure they are using effective resources to get the most out of your content.

Your business finances

Along with boosting your bottom line by attracting greater custom, investing into a marketing partner will benefit your business finances long-term. As your business grows, you may come to a point where you require an extra pair of hands.

Instead of investing in an employee who will require a yearly salary, paid holidays, pension contributions and further benefits, you can pay a monthly fee to a marketing agency. This will provide you with a feasible strategy to maintain your finances positively.

Music to any business owners’ ears, right?

If you would like to reap the above benefits and are considering outsourcing your marketing activity, contact our team today for further information of the process.
We also have a range of marketing packages available that are suitable for a variety of needs and budgets.

Let us take the stress away while providing an expert touch to give your business its very own wings.

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