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The Impact of Online Christmas Campaigns

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Why you need a christmas campaign

Christmas, one of the busiest times of the year… And more so, an even busier time for business. Now although this may feel like a stressful time of year, there are many advantages that come with the excitement and hustle and bustle of the festive season.

From ‘Moz the monster’ to Waitrose’s ‘Snowed in’ concept, companies are busy battling to showcase emotive visuals that also represent their brand values.

Now ideally, you’ll be ahead of the game with your Christmas campaigns set in stone. Most companies begin to drip-feed their content online a few months prior, with a build up to a larger campaign through the month of December. This can be anything from TV adverts, online visuals or even festive themed competitions – whatever the channel, creativity is key. Are you prepared?

Well do not worry if not as there’s some time to build up your vision now and translate this into a Christmas filled offering but be quick as December will be here before you know it! Make sure to read on to find out the impacts an online Christmas campaign can have on your business and how you can come a little closer to winning the festive battle…

Online reach of Christmas Campaigns

Online activity has reached a significant peak – Each month, over 2 billion people use Facebook, along with 500 million active daily users on Instagram.
Now imagine how much this activity increases over the festive months. More and more people sharing content, communicating with loved ones and online shopping. By circulating a little festive themed content along with larger Christmas campaigns, you have a great chance of developing your organic reach proximity and potential.

By sharing content that’s still on brand but includes current social trends that people want to read or look at, you’ll build the potential to attract more attention. Think how much attention uploading your image onto a group of dancing elves on Facebook has had over the years! Simple yet entertaining Christmas campaigns can be very successful.

Online purchasing and Christmas Campaigns

Along with increasing your reach, your online campaigns can have a positive influence on your conversion rates and your repeat purchase statistics. By sharing content that’s relatable to your audience and that cuts through the rest of the Christmas ‘noise’, you’ll remind your loyal customers why they should return, while also attracting new faces to your offering.

Additionally, by upping your customer service levels over the holiday season, you’ll give people a reason to come to you rather than your competition. Think of adding in a free tester in your orders or advertise a 12 days of Christmas competition for customers. Whatever the concept, they will really appreciate this, especially around an expensive time and will probably shout about it online. Even if you’re a smaller start-up, utilising these strategies could help to boost your visibility. Click here to read why online visibility is important.

Emotive connections

Now we’ve seen this successfully completed by many big brands, and the significant effect it has had on their reputation, sales and online engagement. By understanding what type of theme will connect and have an emotive effect on your target market, you’ll be able to play on this and include it in your marketing material.

Check out this example from last Christmas by TX Maxx. They fully grasped who their target audience is and came up with an emotive yet fun theme to boost engagement, along with increasing their store footfall. Their marketing manager stated, ‘how it’s like a snowy golden ticket!’ 

I can’t imagine how much online engagement they received across social media!

Now after reading the above you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start with Christmas soon approaching. However, do not worry as we are on hand to support with any form of marketing campaign. Feel free to contact our team today on [email protected] with your ideas!

In the meantime, check out 2017’s front runners for some inspiration! 

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