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Business Blogging and Its Benefits

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Blogging in general has recently become such a populated industry trend. Our social media news feeds are full of creative individuals sharing their opinions and collaborating with brands – This is a very clever way for companies to grow their online visibility while supporting the up and coming social influencers.

But have you thought how beneficial having your own business blog, managed by your in-house or outsourced copywriter would be for your businesses online footprint?

Read on to find out why you should consider including a business blogging calendar into your marketing strategy moving forward…

What makes business blogging different?

So, we all know about generic blogging and its benefits, but what makes business blogging different? The key to business blogging is its ability to increase your company’s visibility and ultimately boost awareness of your offering online, which has a long-term, cumulative effect. Although results may not be immediate, like generic blogging, your efforts come together to create a larger marketing channel.

This channel will provide many benefits for your company, just like your social media or traditional marketing routes, but will have a larger impact on your online presence and growth. Click here to find out a little more about its importance.

The key benefits of business blogging:

Your SEO ranking

Now for those with limited knowledge of SEO here’s a brief explanation – When you publish content on your website, there are a few things you can do to boost your likelihood of being ranked highly on search engines, such as Google.

By posting consistent blog articles onto your website blog plugin, along with including other SEO features such as keywords, you have a greater chance of being seen by your audience.

This may all be a little overwhelming if you don’t deal with the management of your website, however, your developer will also praise utilising a blog channel, and will be able to implement this for you.

Your credibility

Along with increasing your opportunity to be a high-ranking competitor online, publishing your own blogs will boost your credibility in your industry. By providing your audience with on topic information which can act as advice, motivation or maybe showcasing a little information about your company, you’re giving a clear indication that you know what you’re talking about.

This is a characteristic customers look for prior to purchasing from you. They are motivated greater if a level of trust is present – This form of marketing can build this level of trust over time.

For example – If you’re looking to advertise your help to buy services, you could provide a breakdown for first time buyers on the steps they need to take. This will provide them with highly valuable information and increase the likelihood of coming to you.

Your alternative marketing channels

Now we’ve heard how publishing blogs onto your website can help your ranking, but have you thought how you can incorporate this content across your additional marketing channels?
For example, you can share your latest content across your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, which will boost your page views, along with increasing click throughs to your website. This is an effective way to create a succinct on brand marketing strategy.

Your reach

Along with increasing your immediate reach, there are additionally strategies you can include into your blogging calendar to further expand your reach potential.

One great tactic is to invite guest bloggers or industry influencers to either create their own piece or participate in an on-topic Q&A. This will provide your audience with a little variety when considering tone of voice, along with expanding your ability to reach secondary connections.

For example – You may invite an appropriate social influencer to take part in your online piece. You will tag them in this content over social media, which will usually be duplicated by them to their network. This will then be viewed by individuals in your secondary network, providing you with greater opportunity to reach further audiences.

Ultimately, you’ll be driving further traffic and click throughs to your website which will then boost your SEO and online visibility.

Now we understand this can be a little overwhelming, especially if writing fresh consistent copy isn’t your talent – But that is why we are here. We have copywriters on hand ready to help you put your offering and knowledge into words.

If you like how our blogs read and would like to find out more about our service, contact us today!

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