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The Importance of your Website Design!

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In today’s highly competitive world of business, we know how vital getting your name online is, but have you thought how impactful the design of your online storefront can be?

From your logo quality to the layout of your website, aesthetically pleasing, easy to manoeuvre platforms are a must to capture your audience’s attention for longer than a few seconds.

Now we know how useful having a website is for both you and your customers – Its element of convenience, ability to measure and boost your brand awareness and offering, but have you thought how important your website design is? Read on to find out why….

It’s all about image

We now live in a world where image has a large impact on whether you’ll succeed or not – as difficult as that may be to get our heads around, it’s true.

Your website is one of the first places your audience will look, and within a few seconds, they will have a clear understanding of the type of company you are, just from viewing your homepage.

When considering the aesthetics of your website, you need to ensure the design reflects your branding, while selecting a font that’s easy to read and images of high-quality. As bad as it sounds, your audience will judge your service quality and whether they can trust you to fulfil your offering based on the quality and style of your online image.

Top tip for image: Create a unique style so that your audience can spot who you are from your branding design alone. Additionally, ensure you’re following the latest tech trends to keep ahead of the curve.

User-friendly website design

A further factor that influences your audience’s perception is the convenience and organisation of your page layout. We have an expectation for information to be provided in an easy to access format that can also be manoeuvred by all computer literacy levels.

Along with your page being easy on the eye, you also need to make sure you have versions to support a variety of formats – computer, phone and tablet structures. There’s nothing worse than half of the page being cut off when viewing from your smartphone.

Top tip for layout: When designing the layout of your website information, take a step back and view your structure from your audience’s’ eyes. This will help you understand if they are able to find what they are looking for simply through a few clicks.


Along with the image and the convenience of your webpage, the speed for your website to load is just as important. If it takes longer than a few seconds for your information to be presented, your audience will lose patience and click the little X in the corner of their page.

Top tip for speed: To speed up your loading time, ensure that you are using small images and attachment files on your website, along with minimising the amount of unnecessary plugins.

We know how overwhelming this information can be for someone with little website design and technology experience, and that is why we are here to help. If you’re looking for support with building your very own on brand, user-friendly website that’s convenient for your customers, contact us today.

We offer a variety of website design packages based on your budget and requirements.
If you are clued up on the above and have knowledge of websites, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog focusing on one of our favourite social media platforms, Instagram!

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