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Social Media in Marketing

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With social media being a part of so many areas of an organisation today, the process of getting social media right has never been as important. – Don’t worry, the Social Butterfly Marketing are here to help!

We know that perhaps you’ve already attended our social media masterclass, or been recommended by a friend to us –  so you’ll know that most small business owners know that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat YouTube and LinkedIn) is important for finding and targeting new and existing customers.

However, we also know that creating a social media strategy and content plans every month may be the last thing on your agenda, especially if you don’t have a full time member of staff running the social media accounts.

You need to be strategising and planning your social media content as you would your sales strategy. Here’s some reminders of what we think are the most important benefits:

  • Increased brand awareness: The expectations from consumers is that they will be able to find all information about you and your services whilst they browse Facebook, from reviews to images of your work. Facebook is a one stop shop which helps a consumer decide if they want to purchase from you. Digital Marketing Magazine found that 3 out of 4 consumers consult social media pages before buying products and services from a brand.
  • Improved customer service: Today, many people go to social media if they want to ask a question, complain or seek assistance. You need to be there to be a part of those conversations, your customer service team should be on hand to reply to these in a timely manner.
  • It’s free to use (mostly): We all know that traditional print marketing comes with a price tag, and although that is also an important part of the marketing mix, digital is now leading the way due to the price tag associated. Great reviews by honest customers can be just as powerful than placing an ad in a local newspaper. Although the posting on social media is free (although you can now pay to target your posts too) you do need to employ someone to do this for you. Social media professionals are overflowing amongst millennials.
  • Boost your SEO: SEO is normally only referred to when we talk about websites, however social media plays a part in SEO too. Having posts share and impressions in the thousands certainly helps with your SEO as this will lead to more people visiting your website and therefore Google realising you are a reliable website. Creating sharable, engaging posts are key to get the maximum impact!

Social media is most definitely here to stay, and will only become more and more important as a part of marketing. If you’re reading this and wondering how you’ll fit managing social media accounts to your job description or if you don’t have the functionality in your team to fulfil this, this is where the Social Butterfly Marketing comes in.

There is now a whole generation across the globe, which cannot remember a time when they couldn’t connect to friends, brands and organisations using social technologies, in real time. It’s time for your business to take a piece of this.

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